The services that are offered by us are specially designed to meet the requirements of Land survey & Mapping survey. Our range of services includes all types of Land Survey, Total Station Survey, DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) Survey, Drone Survey & LiDAR Survey, Building Layout/As Built Survey, Road Survey & Networking Survey, Canal Survey & Transmission Line Survey, Preparation of DPR of all types of Infrastructure Projects (, Civil Engineering Consultant, core investigations and consultancy services.
We provide Roads, Highways, Pipeline, canal route studies, Site plan preparations, plotting and demarcation of Area.

Topography Survey, Preparing Horizontal, Vertical alignment, L-Section, Cross section for execute for the Highways and Tunnel Projects. 

Control Survey Close and open traverse and adjustment,

Alignment design road and tunnels, Provide survey team

hiring basis and as consultant, 2D Monitoring

(settlement monitoring), 3D Monitoring (tunnel monitoring),

OHE Marking in tunnel, Alignment design Our dedicated

teams of professionals work closely with our client and offer

personalized and cost effective solutions. As built survey,

Power Line Survey, transmission line survey.

We providing highly accurate & detailed GPS Survey, Topographic survey, Drone survey-Mapping, Smart City Survey, Road Inspection & Survey, Drone 3D Mapping & Modelling, Aerial Photography & Videography and many more using advanced drone technology and providing meaningful data for businesses using the latest drone technology.

3D Point Cloud, Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Contour Maps, AutoCAD / GIS Drawing with All feature Markings, Contour Survey AUTOCAD DWG format, Cross Section and Long Sections of the Land Profiles, Volumetric Measurement Cut, Fill Analysis Report, Post-processed Drone Video with Feature markings, Drone Data processing, Aerial Photography, AI powered Inspection Report.

Land Survey & Mapping Services

Project Management Services

We have a specialized project management team to provide a gamut of project management consultancy services namely, overall planning, coordination, monitoring and controlling a project from start to finish for smooth and timely delivery of the project while sticking to the budget and adhering to the highest standards of quality.

Project management can broadly be divided into ten areas:

  • Integration

  • Construction Project Management 

  • Time Management

  • Quality

  • Risk Management

  • Scope

  • Cost

  • Procurement

  • Communications

  • Stakeholder Management

The team also resolves various issues related to design, feasibility, inventory, quality control, safety and coordination between contractors.

At Gadimaan, we are trained to understand, predict, and calculate the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures for Tunnel, Bridge and Buildings to develop designs and integrate their design with that of other designers, and to supervise construction of projects on site. We provide complete and comprehensive Engineering services based on thorough investigations, analysis, design, economic consideration and functional requirements. We have extensive expertise in the design of new buildings, evaluation, renovation and repair of existing structures. We offer services like Structural design, Structural Peer Review in various construction projects. The Array our structural Designing Services encompasses Residential, Tunneling, Bridges, Commercial, Shopping Mall, Institutional, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, Airport, Water Park, Transmission Lines, Wooden Structure, Power Plant, Sub Station, MS. Structural Designing etc.

We provide complete end-to-end solution in Geotechnical and Geo engineering that helps in realizing efficient and economical design and construction of civil engineering structures :

We provide complete end-to-end solution in Geotechnical Field Investigations/ Soil Testing Services: Soil boring of 65 mm to 600 mm diameter borehole, Rock core drilling of 65 mm to 450 mm, Geologging of boreholes; and trial pits, Subsurface sounding for soils: Dynamic method using 50mm cone without bentonite slurry, and 5mm cone with bentonite slurry, Static Cone penetration test (2 to 3 ton & 10 ton capacity); Standard penetration test for soils (SPT), Plate load test on soils for determining bearing capacity of foundation, In-situ Field Permeability test – overburden material, In-Situ Field Permeability test – Bed rock using packers, In-Situ Vane Shear Test for soils, Determination of modulus of subgrade reaction (k – value) of soils in field, Pressure meter test, Field determination of California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Conducting pull – out test on Anchor bars and Rock bolts, Geological appraisal of site.

Laboratory Testing we provide: Determination of water content (Moisture contents), specific gravity, liquid and plastic limits, shrinkage factors, unconfined compressive strength, Relative density, consolidation properties, CBR, permeability, Grain size analysis, Direct shear test, Measurement of swelling pressure of soils, Hydrometer Test, Consolidation Test, Bulk and Dry Density, Natural Moisture Content, Specific Gravity, Chemical Analysis for Water Samples etc.

We Provide Non-Destructive Testing (NDT):

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): Visual Testing (VT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiography Testing (RT), Eddy Current Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Acoustic Emission Testing ( AE), Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), Leak Testing (LT), Rebound Hammer Test, Ultra-Sonic Pulse velocity (UPV) test, Core Extraction and Testing, Half–Cell / Surface Potential Test, Ferro Scanning Test, Moisture Test, Chemical analysis of chlorides, Sulphates, pH, alkali-silica etc.

Area of Expertise in Geo Engineering

  • Geotechnical Design

  • Geotechnical Investigation

  • Slope Stabilization / Landslide Protection

  • Geophysical Survey

  • Non Destructive Test on Concrete Structures

  • Laying of Optical fibre cables and duct – using trench method and HDD machine

  • Ground Improvement

  • Settlement Analysis

Geo Technical & Instrumentation Engineering

Structural Consultancy